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No more wasting time manually submitting your resume!

Stop wasting time manually submitting your resume.

$10.00 NOW ONLY $5.00!!!

We will:

  • Send your message and attachments  to 100 job listings on Craigslist.
  • Don’t want to send resumes? No problem. We will send your message to any posting that has an Email for you.
  • Deliver a report with the number of emails sent along with the associated Craigslist URL.
  • Forward responses to your email address so that you can respond to the prospective employers directly.
  • Each campaign may not send 100 emails because there may not be enough listings with email addresses the URL you provide us. You will have credits available to use. For example, say you pay $10.00 for 100 emails. If we sent 50 emails, you have 50 emails left as “email credits.” You can contact us and we will do as many campaigns as necessary until all 100 email credits are used.

We will send you a report when we are done!

We will send you a report when we are done!

Important Information:

In Summary, we need the following from you in our contact form once you place your order:

  1. Your Zip code, target job category(s), or the Craigslist URL (see example below)
  2. Your Resume and any other attachments up to 5 MB total (e.g. CV, Portfolio, Letters of Recommendation)
  3. Your email message (e.g. Cover Letter)
  4. The email address you would like to receive responses, so you can reply to prospective employers directly


Your Craigslist URL may only have a few reply-to emails. We only send your emails to jobs that have a Reply-To email address. So, say, for example, that you gave us the URL, When we wrote this example, there were 38 job listings. A percentage of those have Reply-To email addresses. If you click on some of those job listings, you will find that some have a button called “reply” in the top-left corner, and some say “reply below”, so we send emails to the listings that have a “reply” button. Say 15 of them have email addresses we can send emails to. Because you purchased 100 Emails, we will send your information to another 85 jobs at no additional charge. Whenever you are ready to take advantage of your remaining credits, contact us immediately. 

Your resume should be  in PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, etc. You can have multiple attachments. So, if you have a portfolio, letters of recommendation, etc., you can send those as well in a contact form once you have placed your order. Most employers prefer either DOCX or PDF format in our experience.

You need to either copy/paste a Craigslist URL (e.g. Below is the example search results page.


What we will do is submit your message and attachment to any of these jobs, for example, that have Reply email addresses available. As you notice, you can customize this search results page on Craigslist, then copy/paste URL in a contact form after you place your order. Otherwise, you can tell us what you are looking for and confirm your zip code in a contact form once your order has been placed.

We do not send your message to the same Craigslist email address more than once.

We will forward responses to an email address of your chosing. You will need to provide that in your contact form.

The email message is very important. This is your first impression that your prospective employer uses to judge who you are and how valuable you will be to the company.  Most customers simply use their cover letter.  Here is an example: (there are plenty of other incredible examples online)

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is John Doe. After viewing your job listing, I believe that we will enjoy working with each other. Please find my cover letter and resume attached.

I have 15 years of experience. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, feel free to contact me to schedule an interview.

Kind Regards,

John Doe
1.123.456.789 Mobile

We will send your resume to all of the Listings that have Reply To emails under 1 URL (up to 450).

We will send your resume to all of the Listings that have Reply To emails under 1 URL (up to 100 per order).

We look forward to helping you find a job today!